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How To Be More Productive, Part 4

How To Be More Productive, Part 4

Ok, so my notes from the Helen Raptoplous call have identified:

  1. each day do four things you can complete towards your main current project
  2. then do the regular things you need to do consistently – daily, weekly, monthly activities
  3. then, if scheduled, do your block period of focused attention on a big project
  4. finally, if scheduled, take the day to plan, flesh out ideas or build systems

That’s kind of the priority order of undertaking actions every day to progress.

A key plank in this methodology (in my view in any time management or productive endeavour) is to have accountability.

Robert Plank introduced us to this concept in one of his courses where he encouraged us to set up an accountability membership site. The idea was to buddy up with someone, declare your four read on ...

How To Be More Productive, Part 2

How To Be More Productive, Part 2

Last time, we talked about the 4 Things Theory and how to apply that. It’s based on the premise that if you focus on doing 4 specific things a day that move you forward then you will progress more easily.

There are, however, times when you need to do more than the 4 things. There are regular tasks that need to be done, like your annual tax return, that won’t go away and must be completed. Today we continue my notes from a talk by Helen Raptoplous.

  1. Take time to make a list of what you need to do consistently to move forward. Set up a schedule to make sure they get done.
    • Daily – what are the essentials you need to do daily?
    • Weekly – what tasks need to get read on ...
How To Really Get Your IM Business Rocking

How To Really Get Your IM Business Rocking

A lot of the time, people at the starting or bottom end of the internet marketing online business chain are not doing much but learning. Some of us become professional learners.

We’re stuck in a state of mad desire to get a business happening and complete inertia – the more you learn the more confused you become and the more you realise there is to learn. We flick from forum to website to article in search of the Holy Grail that will lead us to internet riches.

Well, here’s the news folks.

The riches are right in front of you. What you need to do (and I’m talking to myself here as well!) is to buckle down, have a plan and stick to it until you get results. Then continue working it.

Doesn’t matter whether it’s Article Marketing, Video Marketing, Information Product Creation, Freelancing, Google Adwords or whatever. Every system works. There are people who read on ...

How To Be More Productive, Part 1

How To Be More Productive, Part 1

I sat in on a call with Helen Raptoplous recently and she did a good job of extending Robert Plank’s productivity philosophy. Plank is a prodigious producer of content on the web so he has learned a thing or two about how to do more in as short a time as possible. Thought I’d share my notes from the call with you.

This Part 1 on How To Be More Productive is Helen’s take on the Plank 4 Things Theory, with her own enhancements.

  1. Be really clear on what you need to work on. Focus on only one priority project at a time
  2. Start each day knowing what things need to be done. Have a list of four things that you can actually complete in one day. One of those things should relate to your highest priority project. The other three things read on ...
How To Do/Make a Podcast

How To Do/Make a Podcast

podcast crusher

If you have not yet built the list or have the traffic that you need to have the business of your dreams yet… I have the solution and a secret for you…

Did you know that there is something called “Know, Like and Trust” and that’s is WAY more important than having a huge list…both is even better…

Discover THE fastest way to do both – but you need to go RIGHT NOW before the price goes up … and it will.

Step by step foolproof system will have you publishing your first live podcast F-A-S-T!

Get access to a practical, hands-on 7-hour training course (complete with videos, checklists, and challenges) to get your podcast online and submitted to Apple iTunes today…

How cool would it be if anytime you wanted to talk to your subscribers and customers, record a quick little message, get it online, and have it show up all over Facebook and the iTunes read on ...

How To Write Your Book: Eat An Elephant (Pt 1)

How To Write Your Book: Eat An Elephant (Pt 1)

“They” always say that to eat an elephant, take one bite at a time.

Whoever eats elephants anyway?

The principle holds true, though. If you have a big hairy task in front of you that seems onerous and huge, start somewhere and start small.

So it is with writing a  book.

1-day-ill-write-a-book Here’s a method for getting it done in a relatively painless manner.

  1. Decide on your overall theme or overriding topic
  2. Break that up into a series of smaller themes or sub-topics
  3. Pick one sub-topic you know enough about or research one to gather information
  4. Write 10 – 20 pages on that sub-topic. That’s 3000-6000 words, give or take. Oh, and try to write it in ONE sitting. Clear your desk, your mind and your computer screen. Dedicate read on ...
Take Daily Action To Succeed

Take Daily Action To Succeed

Some people make internet marketing all sound so simple, and I guess it is when you’ve got a set of products and know what you’re offering to whom.

"Getting it" and applying it are two different things.

Most people are not trying to overcomplicate things.  It just takes longer when you have to think through the steps each time. For instance, seemingly simple tasks take on new life when each step is plugged in…

1. Email list about one of my offers
   1a login to autoresponder service
   1b write email
   1c fill out the pages and schedule or send autoresponder

2. Dictate three articles.
   2a decide what to write about/angle
   2b dictate
   read on ...