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How Much Do You Repurpose Content?

How Much Do You Repurpose Content?

I’ve just been going through my files and found a bunch of product I had created … and forgot about!

IN thinking about my content I also realised I pretty much don’t follow my own advice, embarrassingly enough.

When I reflect on what I produce I use it maybe one o three times each in different platforms. Usually it will be a blog post and maybe I’ll then repurpose that as a tweet or a Facebook post and perhaps a graphic for Pinterest.

My reflection also made me realise I’d abandoned my editorial calendar and had taken to spontaneous posting both in terms of content and timing.

repurpose content -

Not clever.

Not recommended.


So, I am starting to think about Angel reinstituting my editorial calendar as well as building into it a repurposing checklist. Of course, I won’t just think about it, I will schedule in to do it … soon!

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