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Just Do It: Make a Product

Just Do It: Make a Product

It wasn’t that difficult, after all.

Facing a four and a half hour drive during the day annoys me.

Not the driving itself: the lack of productivity involved is what gets me. There’s not a lot you can do when your hands are glued to the steering wheel and you need to be alert and focused.

Or is there?

About an hour into the drive, when I’d exhausted the phone calls I needed to make (thank you Siri!), it struck me…

I’d seen a video by Peng Joon who was tied to his car for an hour or so driving to a conference. So he rigged up his equipment and punched out a one hour video during the drive.

Inspired by that, I plugged my iPhone into the phone holder on the windscreen, clicked on the video and switched the lens to record from the front.


I was now in production mode!

A couple of minutes to gather my read on ...