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Easily manage ALL your WP Sites

Easily manage ALL your WP Sites


There is a fairy-godmother after all, and her name is Vlad!

I have a growing list of WordPress websites and it has been getting tedious updating each one of them and monitoring them, even with using a password manager to automatically login.

Then along comes Vlad with a very cool tool.


 ManageWP is both a plugin (which authorises the software to centralise your sites) and a dashboard which not only shows an at-a-glance status of your sites but also has increased functionality. You can do bulk updates and upgrades, bulk posts and pages, and other activities including automated backups of your entire site – outstanding safety feature.

And you never have to leave.

From within the dashboard you can then step into any of yoru sites and do the usual stuff.

This is a beta-model at the moment and so it’s use is temporarily free. Which is a good move on Vlad’s part because even after only read on ...