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Publishing on Kindle – Graphics

Publishing on Kindle – Graphics

If you’re into Kindle publishing in any way, you’ll need to get a handle on having a decent Kindle book cover. Here are a few tips about what you can do.

  • make a flat 2D graphical cover, not a fancy 3D like an eBook cover would be
  • best if the Kindle Cover Page looks appealing – professional, nice and clean
  • use relative font sizes  it’s all about composition, visual clarity and eye appeal
  • have a series title on the Kindle Cover so you can link books, and people can find related material that’s yours

Use Photoshop to Create a Kindle Book Cover

  • create a basic kindle template that you can use over and over
  • canvas size 938 wide x1250 high pixels – transparent layer
  • for every element, create a layer – that makes it easier to edit and adjust elements if they are in individual layers
  • acquire a royalty-free image – avoid copyright issues (you’ll need to be able to prove you have the read on ...
Will 2014 Be The Year You Succeed As A Writer?

Will 2014 Be The Year You Succeed As A Writer?

Some people are talented and disciplined and manage to create quality works which become publishing successes. Many of us languish. What if there was a supported 12 month program you could do, run by a successful author, that helped you bring your writing to the world – and helped you find ways to sell your creations as well?

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