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Get Joomla to Talk to MailChimp

Get Joomla to Talk to MailChimp

I have some websites built in Joomla.

I use MailChimp for my emailing system.

What I found was that Joomla doesn’t allow you to download the database of people who register on your site. So, in the past I have had to manually use a plugin (UserExport – free, no registration required) to extract the data and then import it into MailChimp. It worked. but it was a pain.

Yesterday I discovered ChimpYourJoomla.  Love the name. More importantly, I love the plugin.

After an easy install, in the usual Joomla way, when anyone registers on my site they are automatically added to the list in MailChimp. Brilliant. Wish I’d discovered this little tool earlier!

There was an error message issue when I installed the plugin but after asking Andy at corePHP for any ideas on how to resolve it, he responded almost immediately with a read on ...