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Domain Name Scams

Domain Name Scams

The internet is a wonderful place and at the same time there are unscrupulous people trying to catch the unwary.

In the mail I have received at various times a notification of my domain names due for renewal. The document looks authentic and appears to be a regular business invoice. I’m confident some of these end up in unsuspecting accounts departments and get paid. The only thing is that what these documents authorise is that you transfer your domain to them as your new registrar and you get to pay 100 times the going cost of renewing a domain!

Another one I got today by email is reproduced here for all to be aware:

From Tom Zu []

Letter to the president or brand owner, thanks)

Dear President,

We are the department of Asian Domain Registration Service in china.I have something to confirm with you. We formally received an application on may 7, 2012 that a company read on ...