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Are You Really Doing Enough?

Are You Really Doing Enough?

I’m in the process of putting my plans into play for 2014. Doing a little research around that, I came across a post on the Warrior Forum where a guy admitted that it took him 7, yes, seven years to get into the solid 5 figures … while holding down his day job!

Now I don’t know about you, but I was impressed. Consistency is one of the keys to winning in business and this guy had worked, learned, implemented and improved as he went without giving up. His eye was on the prize – to replace his employment income, and he was in sight of doing that.

Personally, I find my motivation surges and wanes and the overwhelm and lack of clarity can get the better of me. But it IS about staying the course and plugging away in a progressive manner.

This guy claims to have had no plan. I call furfy read on ...