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Secrets of Internet Marketing – Part 2

Secrets of Internet Marketing – Part 2

How do you get to that point?

Provide VALUE. That is, something that the reader sees as value, not what you think (which is the price or it’s free – that’s not necessarily value). It’s about giving them content. You can give things away which provide value but avoid training people to be freebie seekers or they may never buy from you

How many times a month should you email your subscribers?

That’s a magic question that’s hotly debated. Want to know the answer? The answer is, it doesn’t matter so long as you are consistent. If you have subscribers and you are not keeping in contact regularly, then you may as well not have them on your database. They will have forgotten you or not have a high level of recognition and trust with you. Your relationship with them is tenuous.

Just make sure you are read on ...

Email Marketing Tips for Autoresponders

Email Marketing Tips for Autoresponders

email marketing, autoresponder messageWriting up a series (or even one!) email broadcasts can be challenging. What do I write? What do I say? etc etc.

Before you even start to write up your emails, ask yourself these three questions :

  1. Why am I writing anyway? What’s the purpose? What am I trying to achieve? Is it to have the reader click a link to something? To deliver content to the reader after they signed up for something? To build a relationship by following up on a conversation? Decide what your purpose in writing is and that will give you a clue as to where to start and finish. Oh, and always provide a link – to a sales page, a blog post, a website, a download or whatever. You want to train your readers to click on those links so make sure they are worthwhile.
  2. Who is your target reader? Who are you actually writing to? read on ...
Use Outlook As an Autoresponder

Use Outlook As an Autoresponder

I was trying to think of a quick and easy way to get a bonus to people in return for them providing a review on one of my websites.

I didn’t want to have to setup landing pages and thank you pages and all the rest because I already have them on my database list.

read on ...