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Spin Those Articles

Spin Those Articles

One of the key elements to building traffic is to write articles and publish them over the web. ALL over the web.  There are major reasons to do this. Here are two reasons:

1. build credibility and reputation as an expert

2. generate a supply of backlinks to increase your search engine ranking

So how do you write a host of articles to link back to your site? Won’t that take an inordinate amount of time, let alone the ability to come up with an endless supply of articles and titles? Well, yes … and, no.

If you wrote ALL your articles by hand you’d be a very busy bunny. To get decent backlinks you’ll be needing hundreds of articles in a host of different article directories and locations to get enough ‘link juice’. Or, you can simply rewrite some of those articles to quickly generate a number of ‘unique’ articles. Now here’s the trick. read on ...