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When Is It Best To Send Emails?

When Is It Best To Send Emails?

It’s a question a ton of people ask me and an expert once told me the answer … anytime. In other words just send regularly and worry about getting that as a habit before worrying about finessing timing etc. He was spot on. This research demonstrates that a lot of people are still sending once oa month  OR LESS!

For more insights and key takeaways from expert research into email marketing:

One thing I found interesting was that around 9.5 billion emails are circulating YET the majority of people are sending once a month or less! Talk about leaving money on the table.

Top 5 Email Marketing Tips

Based on these findings:

  1. send emails at weekends from time to time to test click through rates
  2. send emails on Thursday mornings BUT …
  3. make sure read on ...