Spin Those Articles

Spin Those Articles

One of the key elements to building traffic is to write articles and publish them over the web. ALL over the web.  There are major reasons to do this. Here are two reasons:

1. build credibility and reputation as an expert

2. generate a supply of backlinks to increase your search engine ranking

So how do you write a host of articles to link back to your site? Won’t that take an inordinate amount of time, let alone the ability to come up with an endless supply of articles and titles? Well, yes … and, no.

If you wrote ALL your articles by hand you’d be a very busy bunny. To get decent backlinks you’ll be needing hundreds of articles in a host of different article directories and locations to get enough ‘link juice’. Or, you can simply rewrite some of those articles to quickly generate a number of ‘unique’ articles. Now here’s the trick. Most article directories want unique articles and Google likes unique articles. In human terms unique means original as in substantially unlike any other article. But in web terms, unique articles just have to be not the same as any other article. That can mean just changing some words or re-ordering the paragraphs.

That can be done manually but to increase productivity people mostly employ article spinners. Now that’s not a team of dusty characters sitting in a Parisian loft churning out reworked articles by the ton (unless you outsource to them!). An article spinner is a piece of software that mechanically churns words and phrases using synonyms to ensure the ‘copied’ articles are not the same as the original. So, you can write one original article and spin it into many articles, or you can grab some pre-written material to which you have rights and spin those.

The idea is that from one article you will have 10-100 different articles which you can then post to various article directories.

Now some article spinners end up producing articles that just do not read well to a native speaker. You see these over the internet where people are not concerned with the quality of the output. It can read like gobbledy-gook.  That reflects on the quality of the product or services you are selling.

So, ALWAYS cast a human eye over your finished articles and check them for readability before submitting them to directories.

There are commercial and free article spinners. And in my experience they take a little getting used-to. Some are better than others and some are just personal preferences in terms of how comfortable you become using them.

Google ‘article spinner’ and you’ll get a range of results. I’m not providing any affiliate links here. I also don’t currently use these tools although I will in future. Here are two to look at that are free or at least offer free trials:

There are others and this isn’t designed to be a comprehensive listing, although I may do that later. I also understand The Best Spinner, MAR and LLama are also great tools. Again, I am not endorsing any specific tool. Check out the free ones. See how the software works generally so you know what it can/cannot do. Then try out some paid versions or free trials when you have a better idea of what the tool is and have a better idea of what you want in a spinner.

If you’ve tried any out, feel free to let me know.

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