Speed Reading: How To Do It?

Speed Reading: How To Do It?

One thing I love doing is reading. These days not so much for pleasure but I do have a LOT of business reading to get through.

A few years back, actually about 10, I learned to speed read in a one day course.

Like anything else, if you don’t practice it, you lose the skill which is what I did. I’m back to mentally sounding out words which really slows your reading. My comprehension hasn’t improved either because while I’m reading I’m mentally thinking of about 6 other things! Mindfulness would help 😉

So I was keen to pick up that skill again and found this which looks promising. I’m off to give it a go and stick with it.

Click on the image below to join me.


6 thoughts on “Speed Reading: How To Do It?

  1. I used to speed read, but find now that I generally prefer to slow down, savor the words, and retain some the information. When I speed up, retention starts to go.

    1. I know that feeling, Lynda. Speed reading doesn’t mean a drop in retention if properly done as I recall! Thanks for your comment.

  2. Hi Mel,

    I clicked on the link and began reading it. It looks very interesting and I will try it when I have the time and let you know. I would like to know how you make out also.

    1. Tim Ferris always finds the shortest way to a result so I’m keen to work at it! Fingers crossed for us both 🙂

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