Secrets of Internet Marketing – Part 2

Secrets of Internet Marketing – Part 2

How do you get to that point?

Provide VALUE. That is, something that the reader sees as value, not what you think (which is the price or it’s free – that’s not necessarily value). It’s about giving them content. You can give things away which provide value but avoid training people to be freebie seekers or they may never buy from you

How many times a month should you email your subscribers?

That’s a magic question that’s hotly debated. Want to know the answer? The answer is, it doesn’t matter so long as you are consistent. If you have subscribers and you are not keeping in contact regularly, then you may as well not have them on your database. They will have forgotten you or not have a high level of recognition and trust with you. Your relationship with them is tenuous.

Just make sure you are consistently in touch and providing value.

“But what if I mail them too much, won’t that turn them off?”, I hear you ask. Not mailing, or being inconsistent in mailing can hurt your business just as much as mailing 10 times a day.

What can you send?

How about a link to something you found that they may like, remind them of something you said in an earlier email or post, send them to a sales page, send them your blog post. There are lots of things you can email about. From my perspective, the emails I quickly unsubscribe from are the ones where almost every time I hear from them they are wanting me to click a link to get something from another marketer and end up on yet another list! That’s not building value in my books, even if it is free. If it was an occasional email doing that,. that’s more acceptable. So don’t treat your list like a bank account. Obviously you want them to buy, but not in every email! BUILD the relationship.

Are you emailing at least ONCE a month?

No? Well accept this challenge to succeed!

list building Sit down now, right this minute [do not click over to a forum or browse the web yet again for more information – at some point you have to put your head down and do the grunt work – now is that time. Come on, you’ll feel better at the end, I promise!) and write out 12 ‘posts’ that would be of interest to your audience/subscribers/list. You can think of 12 things – just pick the topics then write 200-400 words on those topics. Go do that now then come back.

Okay, now plug those into your auto responder and schedule them to be sent – one each month (you DO have an autoresponder, right?)

Brilliant! Now you’ve got a Red Hot keep in touch system in place, whether there is one person on your list (and that may be you!) or 10,000.

Can I email more?


When you come across something special you want to send them to or give them then that’s an extra contact point – just try and schedule it between your existing 12 scheduled mail outs.

When you have something you want to promote or to send them to a sales page, again that’s an extra contact point – simply schedule it between your existing mailings.

It’s not that hard really. Break it down to the basics then add to it.

At least ONCE a MONTH, email your subscribers.

This is the most fundamental process in internet marketing. You get this done and running smoothly, then start building from there.

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