Social SEO Leapfrog – Barb Ling – Review

Social SEO Leapfrog – Barb Ling – Review

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social seo leapfrog barb ling
I received a review copy of this product today. Firstly, it was delivered efficiently along with an offer to sign up and receive further goodies, an optional bonus webinar on the topic, an invite to join a free Facebook Group and a range of further offers to consider. No hard selling. I just downloaded the main product which is the SOCIAL SEO LEAPFROG.

To be honest I had no clue what the product was really about and the Title didn’t help me a great deal. I’m surmising it has to do with blending social platforms and gaining SEO ranking that put you ahead of your competition.

The product is 32 pages. Not much fluff. Typical Barb Ling style. She gets straight into the meat by page 7 (the rest is typical front page acknowledgements, disclaimers, legals, TOC etc).

At the bottom of that page we’re now clear – this product is about using social signals to get better ranking in search engines for your keywords.

Maybe I’m a luddite but I hadn’t focused too much on using social media to get rankings. I typically use it to build my platform and cred so this now has my attention. Much better to align all efforts, eh?

Ms Ling follows on with a logical explanation of why this is important and highlights a few things to think about – I hadn’t thought about these before. It’s turning into quite a broad application. Sweet.

Ok so a couple of pages of logic and thought-stretching and we’re into specifics. This is very clear, paint by numbers, do as you go stuff. Easy and sensible.

Now I’m looking at all of this (and we’re only up to step 3) and I’m thinking “this is nothing new”.


How many things do you KNOW that you are NOT DOING?

Guilty as charged.

What I like about this is it is simple and clear and doable and ties everything together. It’s like having someone over your shoulder coaching you on exactly what to do next.

I can do this.

If there is any step not covered that I’m not sure about, Barb has kindly referenced a ‘how to’ online that I can check out to get the task done – I don’t have to go hunting for info, get distracted and never come back and finish the project.

By the 5th step, all the pieces in the puzzle fit together and you see the beauty of the Social SEO Leapfrog method. She also gives you ideas for varying the method to suit your particular topic or niche.

This is duplicable and replicable. And easy – if you just sit down and follow the steps. I’d carve out half a day to do the whole project first go. Each time you repeat it, it will be quicker.

The report finishes up summarising what you need to do as a handy reminder. A checklist would have been useful here so you can visually see where you’re up to in case you are interrupted.

You get an extra tool in the download to help you complete and think through a couple of the steps. Nice.

And there is an offer to upgrade your package to a Done For You product with a huge range of niches covered to save you doing the grunt work.

The report itself ends with some general pages including further product links.

So the actual “usable” content in this report is 20 full pages of specific how-to’s that will get the job done.

As I think about the method, I’m sure I could find it all online. But I haven’t looked. I haven’t applied or even thought about what is proposed in this report so for me this is:

(a)  a handy method to implement that will help my sales and positioning

(b)  a report that saves me having to work out how to do it myself

(c)  complete – everything is included – all the examples and other tools you need are hyperlinked so you just click and the result is at your fingertips – gold time saver

(d) shows me exactly, and I mean exactly, what to do and in what order and HOW.

I hate those reports (we’ve all bought them) that say they tell you how to do something and then talk in general terms and you’ve got to go away and nut part of it out yourself.

Not this one. It is clear and complete in what it is showing.

So, for me it’s a keeper.

  • If you want to ACTUALLY APPLY some specific learning that’s doable to improve your overall ranking for specific keywords using social media – get this report.
  • If you are happy that you are doing enough to get your rankings, or think you have enough information on how to do it, or have the time to research what to do then by all means pass this by and do it yourself.
  • If you don’t have a clue about your keywords, products, offerings or direction, this will be of limited value to you although you could use the method to raise your personal profile while sorting your business out.

This is going on my project list to apply.

What about you?

Mel ‘always be learning‘ Day

PS – you could learn a few things by looking at how this report has been put together and delivered – that would be worth the price alone! 🙂

PPS – you don’t need to spend any more money to execute this report – what you need to use the method is freely available

PPPS – you might also like Barb’s Best Seller  here –

[affiliate links in this post – I reviewed the product honestly and am happy to recommend it. Buy from my link and I may receive a small compensation]

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