Refresh! It’s EOFY – Kick Start Next FY

Refresh! It’s EOFY – Kick Start Next FY

eofy We all get caught up in our businesses – planning, executing, fire fighting, celebrating and the other 1001 things we do day to day. With the end of the financial year looming, it makes sense to take time out to think about what we could outsource to get set up better going forward:

  1. bookkeeping and records maintenance – get someone else to handle all the fiddly stuff. Just bundle it up and send it off to your VA or scan in the receipts and let your bookkeeper tidy it up and account for your money
  2. website configuration – has your website become untidy as you’ve added content and other tools? Let a web master get it back in shape
  3. web redesign – time for a new look? adding new products or services – get a web designer on the job to refresh or design a new look for you that will fit with all the functionality you need
  4. brand yourself – get some professional looking graphics for your website, business cards, stationary
  5. get your product completed – got lots of undeveloped idea or works-in-progress? We think we can do it all but time gets away and meanwhile your bright idea languishes on your hard drive – ship it off to someone else to develop the idea to publication or research components you haven’t finished yet

Where can you find people to do these tasks? Put a notice up at your local uni for students ; ask around your friends and family for referrals of people who might be looking for some extra work; use services like Odesk, Elance, Guru etc.

Or, you could just keep working even more hours through the night and try to keep doing it yourself and end up about where you are now this time next year 😉

What else can you do to get the next financial year off to a great start?

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