Overcoming Obstacles: Getting Through The Mud

Overcoming Obstacles: Getting Through The Mud

It’s only the tenth day of the year and I’m already feeling overwhelmed!

The cold hard truth is that completing tasks and meeting objectives in business is just hard. As soon as I start something there’s an extra step I have to do before I can go forward; that feeling of overwhelm seems to stop me in my tracks; and then of course there’s my old friend, procrastination! Each of these serves to block the path ahead.

I remember when my nephew (he’s 44 now – eek!) was very young and starting to dress himself. He’d pull up his pants so high they were almost at his neck.

I’m employing that memory to help me. The way through this sludge is to pull my pants up high and get on with it.

The only way through is through and if I can convince myself there’s a sense of urgency around it, I can get through quicker into calm flowing waters.

Today I’m creating a desperate urge to finish something I started eons ago that is haunting me. I HAVE to get the job done as efficiently, as completely and as quickly as possible.

I reckon that’s one of the keys to getting things done – having that sense of time criticalness!

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