Outlook Email Addresses: All the Tricks

Outlook Email Addresses: All the Tricks

outlook 2007 extract email addresses

I wrote about this guy and his post a few years back and I find I still have to remind myself to go there when I need sorting out with my Outlook issues.

Popped back there today as I need to clean up Outlook again and noticed he has updated and extended the tricks and techniques to grab your email addresses from Outlook (if you’ve been naughty and not saving to address book as you go!) as well as :

  • extract email addresses in bulk
  • extract email addresses from folders and sub-folders
  • remove duplicates
  • extract all attachments in one go
  • search for an outlook folder
  • cleaning up folder names
  • and more

The guy is a whiz on how to work around Outlook functionality. Check out the details here and follow on to his related posts.


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