MYOB Business Basics and Windows 7

MYOB Business Basics and Windows 7

I’ve been really happy overall with my MYOB Business Basics.

It’s a slimmed down accounting package which has served me well and I know how to use it. I don’t want to have to learn another system or upgrade to a major accounting package which has more functionality than I need.

If I keep using Windows XP I have no problem I believe. There’s no tax tables to update and barring any major accounting law changes I’m set to stick with the combo of MYOB BB and Win XP.

The thing is I have a new laptop which runs Win 7 32 bit and I want to upgrade my desktop OS to Win 7. But MYOB BB won’t play with Win 7.

I had managed to speak to someone a few months ago when I first came up against the issue and was not only told BB was not compatible with WIn 7 but advised that BB was becoming obsolete and was no longer being supported and the guy tried to upsell me to a bigger bells and whistles system.

When I heard and saw that MYOB Business Basics WAS indeed compatible with Win 7 I restarted my search for a solution.

I had HUGE frustration even trying to find a contact point at MYOB – I ended up just sending a generic email to to get someone’s attention.

Well, I did. I got an offer to buy a service plan for $125.

One person sent me an email with a half dozen convoluted contact options which just confused me. She at least did confirm that BB and Win 7 were buddies.

So I hopped on to the Support Forum they set me up with (which I can’t login in to!) and found a guy who had Version 1 of MYOB Business Basics and did the logical thing and bought Version 1.1 only to find that there is no pathway from 1.0 to 1.1. Doh! Go figure. So he can install V 1.1 but can’t transfer all his data. But MYOB suggested he could upgrade to a bigger system!

So through that thread I established that V1.1 is compatible but V1.0 is not. Now I had been told by MYOB that there was no different version to the one I had. WRONG. MYOB told me that my version was compatible with Win 7 – WRONG. MYOB did not tell me that if I did buy V1.1 that I wouldn’t be able to transfer my data.

So overall serious minus points for Service at MYOB. I’m now looking at a new supplier. MYOB’s new business model of making it impossible to find a service poiint and then fudging answers without providing any real support has lost me.

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