Membership Sites – Learning Set 2

Membership Sites – Learning Set 2

Ok, so I’m now into a few weeks of my course on learning to set up member sites.

I have fallen into the trap many of us do and set up a few but perfected none. So when setting up a site, here’s my suggestion:

1. work out what you want the site for – who are the audience, what are you providing and what’s the overall purpose.

2. decide on some details such as how often you will post, what you will post, where you will get your posts from

3. set up some basic icons or graphics if you want to use them eg for downloads, commenting etc

4. set up a schedule, especially if others are posting, so you have it all covered.

Here’s something else I’ve learned.

Teaching software installation and configuration is not as easy as proviidng the sftware and showing how to do it on a video. Things can go wrong and I’d recommend that you provide a personal service option for phone consults or video reviews of your install so people can get it done and are satisfied rather than giving up in frustration and badmouthing your product.

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  1. so agree – lots of courses i’ve done are just like going to the library – the info is there but you’ve still got to figure it out yourself.

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