Make Your Own Favicon

Make Your Own Favicon

What’s a favicon? It’s that weenie little graphic you usually see in the address bar or on the tab of your browser that is like a baby visual brand for the website.

Most temploates come with their own favicon so you don’t have to worry. But, if you don’t have a favicon, or you want to change the one you have, then sites like exist to make it easy. With these guys you create it then choose the file extension and it’s downlaoded to your computer. All you need to do then is upload it to the right spot on your site (either the root directory or the template file- depending on where the template calls it from). And you’re done.

Tip – delete your cache before reloading your website to test it’s there! If not, your browser will just pull up the one it saved to the temp file.

Extra tip – if using WorkPress, grab the Super Simple Favicon plugin – it helps.

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