Make you own Widget – And More – Easy

Make you own Widget – And More – Easy

Here I go again  hunting down tools that you can use.

This looks really useful. Make Your Own Widget. This site makes it so simple to put together a widget, a mobile app, a countdown, and more.

It’s free to join and, if you’re looking for tools for your site but aren’t ready to create your own, you can access some from others to use on your site and provide more content for your readers. Downside is that the free version loads up Google ads  hiding lots of your feed. So you’re kind of obliged to pay for the pro version – that’s going to cost you $30 a year or $4 a month. You’d have to decide if your existing platform doesn’t already give you what you need. If not, and you think a widget streaming your blog or twitter or flickr or other is worth it, then invest.

Again, I have noi

affiliation with this site so go over and check it out.

As with anything though, make sure whether you need it before you sign up and part with your money. Like may people, I can get excited about a solution and too late realise I didn’t have a problem! In other words, only use what you need – avoid the bright new shiny toy syndrome! (Reminder to self as well!!)

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