Change. Courage. And Fear. What Drives You?

Change. Courage. And Fear. What Drives You?

In my other life, I run Personal Development programs. Rather than one-hit motivational moments I conduct a three-month behavioural change program. So I’ve learned a thing or two about the human condition over the ten years of doing this.

One of the things I’ve found is that it takes courage to change your circumstances. To step outside your comfort zone. To say, “to heck with this – I can’t keep putting up with this – something has to give!”

Amazing things happen.

And the most amazing thing to happen is the acceptance of personal responsibility and power to create change.

People who choose to stay in the same space day in, day out; year in, year out invariably find their world shrinks because everything around them is changing.

Fear pushes you into a corner.


What fear is impacting your business or life at the moment?

What’s the worst thing that could happen? How likely is it to happen?

What will you do to overcome the fear?

What can you do right now to move in that direction? Gain knowledge? Talk with someone? Learn a skill? Have a go? Plan or schedule it?

If nothing else, at least acknowledge the fear. When it is hidden, secret, unnamed or ignored  it has way more power. Admit it to yourself, recognise how it limits you and if you want to not do so then commit to the intention of not letting it have its hold over you. The how will come.

8 thoughts on “Change. Courage. And Fear. What Drives You?

    1. You have your hands full, Jenn, so I can see how that is a fear for you.

      Not to get all woo-woo on you but let it percolate. Your unconscious will find ways forward for you so that the fear is less intimidating.

      In the meantime you are aware of it so ideas will come to help put strategies in place.

  1. “If nothing else, at least acknowledge the fear. When it is hidden, secret, unnamed or ignored it has way more power.” holy cow, yes!

    It took a screaming match with my kid who put her head in a wall because she didn’t want to deal with her father disappointing her…….again. As soon as she named it, she was better.

    1. If only she could have named it before the wall intervened! Hope she didn’t do any damage to herself (or the wall).

      Once you name it you can do something about it, even if that’s just to know it’s there.

  2. This resonates with something I heard yesterday (I can’t remember who said it now). It was all about how we can’t expect things to change if we constantly do the same thing over and over again. Those who do the same things each time and expect different results are going to be left disappointed.

    Great post, Mel. It is up to use to make changes and fear is often the reason not to. When I decided to apply to be a Weight Watchers leader and was then offered the job, I was hit with fear. I still find myself wondering whether this is really the right decision to make because I’ll have a little less control over my working life. But I know all of that is the fear talking. If I don’t take hold of this opportunity, I will just regret it.

    1. Good for you! Fear is disempowering. Think of the skills you’ll learn and the knowledge ( now I wonder if you can use that somehow?) 🙂

  3. I am definitely guilty of this one. So many times I’ve let fear hold me back. I try not to let it happen often but sometimes it just has a way of taking hold.

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