How To Write Great Copy

How To Write Great Copy

Writing sales-letters is not something even I relish.

My years in Advertising Copywriting served me well but in that game, our copy had to fit a space limit or, in the case of radio or TV, a time limit. So we learned to be economical with words, to make them count.

In the web world, there are no such restrictions.

A piece of copy can be as long as you need it to be to get attention and elicit action from the reader.

Having said that. there are some generally accepted ‘rules’ to follow in creating a sales letter to increase it’s effectiveness.

Here are 21 of them that are known to have created tons of sales. Mind you, the structure is one thing: how you string the words together is another. 🙂

Follow those 21 steps and you’ll have yourself a killer salesletter.

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