How To Get Content For Your Blog

How To Get Content For Your Blog

I love simplicity.The concept of a blog is simple.

Some idea or topic or event stimulates your thinking.

You put your thoughts ‘out there’ and you’ve posted a blog entry.

Yet writing a blog, consistently, seems to be anything but simple.

write blog post, we can do it

I’ve come across a lot of ideas for making the task easier and this is one of those “keeper” ideas from Victoria Pinchon (Forbes magazine)

Victoria espouses a routine process for being able to be such a prolific blogger. Here is her plan:

1. Work out what you want to blog about – a keyword phrase or topic if you will.

2. Plug that phrase into your search engine of choice. You can filter your search by only choosing blogs or news items or restricting the recency to the last week, last month etc.

3. As you cruise the search results, something will catch your eye. It might be a statement or an idea.  Now you can start writing …

4. Take that ‘discovery’ and in less than 200 words work out what the problem is for your readers. (Ideally this relates to a solution your product or service can provide).

5. Segue the problem into a solution you can offer.

6. Finish your post with a call to action – take this e-course, read this other article, buy this product, whatever.

7. Add an image (make sure you use it legitimately)

8. Add tags to your post that relate to your keywords and article

9. Set your publish date

10. Publish!

For the entire article by Victoria, head over here.


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