How Much Do You Repurpose Content?

How Much Do You Repurpose Content?

I’ve just been going through my files and found a bunch of product I had created … and forgot about!

IN thinking about my content I also realised I pretty much don’t follow my own advice, embarrassingly enough.

When I reflect on what I produce I use it maybe one o three times each in different platforms. Usually it will be a blog post and maybe I’ll then repurpose that as a tweet or a Facebook post and perhaps a graphic for Pinterest.

My reflection also made me realise I’d abandoned my editorial calendar and had taken to spontaneous posting both in terms of content and timing.

repurpose content -

Not clever.

Not recommended.


So, I am starting to think about Angel reinstituting my editorial calendar as well as building into it a repurposing checklist. Of course, I won’t just think about it, I will schedule in to do it … soon!

Why bother repurposing?

  • different people have different ways of taking in information – most are visual but many are aurally inclined
  • it gives me more content to spray around the net for link juice and authority building
  • I can recycle the same content in different ways over a period then I can use the spare time to create fresh product
  • it allows me to brand the distributables just in case they go viral (I wish!)

I’m thinking of some tips that I recently produced. I’m going to glean through my website and see if there are any others I can add to it to make it a “Best Of” post and an eBook for lead generation. I can then extract one tip a day or week and use each as a separate blog post by expanding on that tip. I can convert each into a graphic and use them as posts.  Producing a short video for each tip and a longer one for all tips would be good. Then I can strip out the audio and podcast those or load them on the blog. I can find some famous quotes to support the tips. And … you get the picture.

So, how much do you re-use content you’ve created?

What have you found the most effective?

8 thoughts on “How Much Do You Repurpose Content?

  1. I will be saving this post for future reference/ inspiration. I’m relatively new to blogging but what a great idea for something to take you out of a slump – going back over the great content you’ve already written! Thanks for sharing your advice. It’s invaluable to a newbie like me who is still learning the ropes.

  2. Hi Mel – I found your post in Bonnie’s Article Writing Challenge.

    I have to say that very often I don’t follow my own advice as well. Isn’t it much easier to tell others what they should be doing – yet in the back of your mind you’re telling yourself that you really need to heed your own advice? LOL

    Your post is a great reminder of being consistent and scheduling our tasks in order to stay on track. Thanks,

    Eydie 🙂

  3. I’ll need to revisit this post to answer truly, but for now I must run to meet the daughter. I am a big advocate on recycling content. I sing these praises, constantly! 🙂

    1. Knowing and doing can sometimes have a wide chasm – one I’ll be closing this year. Hope you met your daughter in time.

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