How Much Do You Believe In What You’re Doing?

How Much Do You Believe In What You’re Doing?

I received an interesting email just recently. Sure, it was a promotional email with an affiliate link to a product. But the content of the email was a bit different to the usual “my friend has this great offer you’re gonna love” type of spruiking emails that get thrown about.

The email has some interesting and thought-provoking content and it’s provided here for you:

Dan Kennedy here.

I was taught the level or strength of your beliefs shows in your results. Another way to say it is that outcomes reflect beliefs, and the most important beliefs are, I think as follows:

  • What you believe about how the Universe works
  • What you believe about yourself
  • What you believe about your vision, idea, plan

In considering the rich, successful, powerful and persuasive I’ve gotten to know, I would summarize their most significant beliefs as follows:

  • A belief in unlimited abundance, not lack
  • A belief that the Universe, Universal intelligence, God or whatever you call “It” responds to committed thought (prayer) AND determined action
  • A belief in unlimited and unrestricted capability ie. either that you can do a thing as well or better than anybody else or that you can learn to do a thing as well or better than anybody else; if someone else can do a thing, so can you
  • A belief system of self-worth, self-respect, and self-confidence based on realistic assessment of one’s strengths and weaknesses, attributes and flaws, potential and limitations…a profound disinterest in perfection in all things…a disconnect between deserving and being perfect
  • An unwavering, even somewhat stubborn and obsessive belief in attainment.

beliefs get results dan kennedyBeliefs are not something we’re usually taught. They kind of evolve, and we often subscribe to the beliefs of the people who most influence us.

So, what are your beliefs? Is this something you think much or deeply about? I want to know…

16 thoughts on “How Much Do You Believe In What You’re Doing?

  1. What a great question!! So many of us aren’t as convicted in our beliefs.. whatever they may be. Thank you for this amazing reminder to be honest. I’m going to meditate on that this beautiful Saturday 🙂

  2. I would say that the hardest thing to do is to believe in yourself, especially when there are those around you who are ready to belittle every new thing you want to try.

    I am lucky that my parents gave us the space we needed to do what we wanted so that we didn’t end up stifled or stuck.

  3. Beliefs are a powerful thing. I believe with God I can do ALL Things. These beliefs guide me everyday and in all I do. I also believe I have a purpose and I live each day to live my purpose.

  4. Love Dan Kennedy!
    You bet it is all about whether or not you truly believe – believe in yourself, believe in others, believe good things are just around the corner. It’s all about positive believing!

  5. Wow, that is definitely a different kind of email, no wonder it got you thinking. I do have my beliefs that I’ve grown up and they affect things that I do on a daily basis.

  6. This is an interesting post Mel. Sometimes I wonder if I know what I’m doing, let alone, believe. In trying to shift gears and work for myself versus working for someone else, it’s a struggle. After years of not having to think of all the things that affect how and when I make money, it’s hard to put all the pieces together.

    However, I do believe in myself and know I have the ability to do anything I set my mind to. I believe in me and the courage within me to strive for more and to have the life that I design.

    1. That’s huge, Cynthia.

      Belief that you can do something is more than half the battle! If you are committed to something but subconsciously don’t believe you can do it, you struggle.

      You’re on your way girlfriend!

  7. My beliefs started with the ones my parents raised me with, and have developed as things have happened over time. I don’t really share my beliefs with others. I don’t like ramming things like that down others’ necks, and they are just personal to me. Interesting email you received, though. Definitely different to others I’ve seen.

    1. At least you are cognizant of your beliefs, Alexandria. Many people go through life operating on their beliefs but not knowing or understanding them. Well done you!

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