Get Rid of the Weakest Link in Your Business

Get Rid of the Weakest Link in Your Business

You know what? I’m picking up some great tips from a few of the emails I’m getting lately.

Yes, I get a ton of email to my general inbox and it can take time to sort the weed from the blooms but there are some people’s emails that never get deleted on my first glance through the inbox, even if I have no time.

Sean Mize is one of them. He is just downright sensible. Non-pitchy.

Take today’s example of an email. This is the guts of it apart from a brief intro and outro.

What is the weakest link in your business?

Here’s the thing, sometimes we focus so much on what we need to DO better and bigger.  But sometimes if we put all our effort on fixing the one big problem in our business, we can get GREAT results.

You see, no matter how effective you are, no matter how great your ideas are, if you have roadblocks and challenges that are holding you back, no matter how hard you rev your energy, push the gas pedal, you will NEVER get the results you want than if you get RID of the roadblocks and challenges, THEN rev the gas pedal.

What is the weakest link in your business?

Notice the start and finish with the same question.

Notice there is no pitch, no link to a salespage, nothing. Just a short email with a great thought piece.

Now I have no doubt that there will be a sales pitch coming. It will probably solve the problem already identified here – the one big problem – and will remove our – roadblocks and challenges – holding us back.

If you want to learn how to do email marketing, watch the masters of the craft. Grab ones you like as swipe a file. See how you can use it in your email marketing stream.

14 thoughts on “Get Rid of the Weakest Link in Your Business

  1. You are right in that there will be a sales letter coming… but there is definitely an art to it. And a time to go in for the kill.. LOL This was a great little business bite… removing the weakest link. Definitely something to think about.

    1. They’re worth hanging onto – but here’s another tip – note why they impressed you and how you could use it. By the time you get back to it you may have forgotten!

  2. Seems that the themes of fear and self doubt are popping up a lot lately. I think I may need to post something about it. Mel, I appreciate your thoughts here, and all the ideas that everyone has come up with.

  3. Mel, by writing this post you have given me a great idea. I never thought to save the good emails I receive and create a swipe file database.

    This makes absolute sense. Save the emails that are effective and then tweak them to fit your own audience and product or service offering.

    Love it! Thanks Mel 🙂

  4. Hi. Liked the post.
    Yes, i do agree when Sean says that no matter how good you are and your plan, but with incoming road blocks, you just can’t reach the finish line.

    1. Belief in your own ability and path will get you through. There’s no writer with your voice, view or perspective, Francene. Thanks for adding your voice here.

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