Generating Leads Online – 42 Ways

Generating Leads Online – 42 Ways

If you have any kind of business online, you want traffic. The kind of traffic that passes, slows and steps right in. Once they’re in, it’s up to you to encourage them to buy. Getting that traffic is critical in the starting-out stage of running an online business. Keeping it also important. Kicking it up a notch when things start to slow is also key.

People kind of get used to doing the same old things the same old way and wonder why things don’t change in terms of getting new business. Surprise. You need to change things up a bit to get fresh eyeballs on your wares.

In no particular order here are a bunch of ideas for how to get more leads, get more traffic and get more sales that should spark a few synapses for you to get more activity happening.

1add a quiz to your website to engage people
2add drop in opt in forms to your website via drip or sumo
3add high-value comments to others blogs
4add images to your tweets
5ask customers for testimonials and publish these
6ask for endorsements from influencers for your product
7combine old blog posts and publish an ebook as a giveaway
8connect with influencers through social media avenues
9connect your content to hot trending news stories
10convert a blog post to a video on youtube
11convert a video to text and share on scribd
12create cool infographics that can be shared
13create more videos on youtube, vimeo etc
14cross link with people who have the same audience as you but a different product
15distribute your content on sites like slideshare and scribd
16donate a portion of sales to a charity and promote that
17encourage your list to post on your social networks
18engage directly with your audience through forums, comments, chats, replies
19find new platforms to publish your content on
20find podcasters in your niche and offer to be a guest on their show
21get in touch with ‘cold’ prospects
22get involved in online communities and freely share information
23get known on quota for answering questions
24go over your blog posts and check they are all search engine optimised well
25hold a pop-up event on Facebook Live
26include a call to action in your thank you page
27interview influencers in your market space and post them
28join a cause and post about that e.g. shave for leukaemia
29make your access points mobile friendly to enable sharing
30make your embedded signature work for you
31offer to do guest posting on others blogs
32register as a source on news sites
33repost old quality posts from your blog
34see if your customers have things you can promote
35send more emails to your list but not all salesy ones
36send your email updates to your social networks
37set up a regular podcast through iTunes
38set up an alert with your website and name so you can respond to mentions
39share your successes, results, case studies
40upgrade your text content to include shareable images, videos etc
41use hashtags in your social media posts
42use linked in to publish content and find potential leads

I’m sure there are more!

The point is, if you are not getting enough leads look about for what you can do to generate fresh interest and new leads. Two key areas of focus are using your existing material in new ways, and, market differently to your existing database of contacts.

Which of the above work well for you?

What other ideas do you have?

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