Fix Toshiba L640 – Restore to Factory Settings

Fix Toshiba L640 – Restore to Factory Settings

Does anyone else think it’s silly that computer manufacturers have stripped down what they provide you when you buy these days. What’s really weird is that the User Guide is usually provided in soft copy on your machine. That means you need to start your machine to learn how to start your machine!

In any case if you need to restore your machine back to factory default settings, the best solution is usually contained within the User Guide supplied with your laptop. Hot Tip – print it out!!


For the Toshiba Satellite L640 series, here’s how to REPAIR your system if you need to:

1. WARNING – back up ANY data you don’t want to lose to an external drive or disc or usb device (there’s really no point in backing up to your existing drive!)

2. turn off the laptop

3. hold down the F8 key and, while holding, turn on the laptop

4. the Advanced Boot Options will display – choose Repair Your Computer by using the arrows and hit ‘enter’

5. follow the instructions


CRITICAL – the recovery utility is stored on a hidden partition on your drive. If you make a mistake you may lose it! So, ALWAYS create a recovery DVD or USB drive. That way, if the system restore fails you can fall back to the DVD or USB version. Go to ‘All Programs’ and choose Recovery Media Creator – follow the steps.

If you need to do a full system restore then you have two options:

A – using the partition recovery method then :

1. Turn sound ON

2. Turn off computer

3. Hold down “0” (zero) key and while holding, turn the computer ON

4. A menu will pop up – follow the instructions


B – using the Recovery DVD/USB that you created (you did that, right?)

1. Turn sound ON

2. Plug in the USB or DVD Recovery media and turn off the computer

3. Hold down the F12 key and while holding it, turn the computer ON

4. When the Toshiba Leading Innovation screen comes on, release the F12 key

5. Scroll through the options and choose the one that relates to your recovery media

6. Follow the onscreen instructions

Toshiba_GuideHottest Tips:

  • print out your User Guide (at least the bits you’re likely to need) and read it!
  • Grab the official User Guide for the Toshiba Satellite L640 Series here or right click the pic >>>>
  • create a recovery DVD in case anything goes wrong in future and keep it somewhere safe (that you can find later!)
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