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What I Learned Today – Video 101

What I Learned Today – Video 101

Video is not my strong point. I’ve hooked up to a Video Blog Challenge and have done a few videos so far but there’s more to video than just doing a slideset with voiceover or a talking head vid.

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How Much Do You Repurpose Content?

How Much Do You Repurpose Content?

I’ve just been going through my files and found a bunch of product I had created … and forgot about!

IN thinking about my content I also realised I pretty much don’t follow my own advice, embarrassingly enough.

When I reflect on what I produce I use it maybe one o three times each in different platforms. Usually it will be a blog post and maybe I’ll then repurpose that as a tweet or a Facebook post and perhaps a graphic for Pinterest.

My reflection also made me realise I’d abandoned my editorial calendar and had taken to spontaneous posting both in terms of content and timing.

repurpose content -

Not clever.

Not recommended.


So, I am starting to think about Angel reinstituting my editorial calendar as well as building into it a repurposing checklist. Of course, I won’t just think about it, I will schedule in to do it … soon!

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12 Tips for Video Sales Pages

12 Tips for Video Sales Pages

Here are a few key tips from Ryan Deiss on what his team have found works best when implementing video sales letters.

  1. video sales letters convert well and are easier
  2. make them 12-24 minutes
  3. make them auto play
  4. don’t have controls
  5. sentences out pull bullet point presentations
  6. the higher the price the prettier he page
  7. tech and b2b might need more sophistication
  8. cold traffic suits basic plain presentation but put a logo on it
  9. simple works for cold traffic (headline, video, buy button)
  10. long works better with warm traffic (above plus text version below)
  11. borderless videos work better
  12. hide the buy button until the video nearly finished

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Get Better Ranking in YouTube: SEO Trick

Get Better Ranking in YouTube: SEO Trick

Here’s a really cool technique to increase the chance of getting your YouTube videos to page one in Google. I’ve heard of this method before but now the steps are clear in this video:

  1. choose a four-word keyword phrase that has thousands of searches
  2. make a short 2-3 minute video on the topic with a call to action to go to your website
  3. upload the video to YouTube
  4. do something special with the title, description and tags
  5. add some more seo, get likes, shares, ping etc
  6. sit back and see if it works!

My notes from the vid:

  • Title – up to maximum of 12 words in title. Use the 4-word keyword phrase AND 3 word keyword phrase repeating 3 of the 4 words AND another 3 word keyword phrase repeating 3 other of the 4 keywords . Example BEST JALAPENO CHILLI RECIPES – BEST CHILLI RECIPES – BEST JALAPENO RECIPES
  • When producing your video, include Captions and Callouts – read on ...
Just Do It: Make a Product

Just Do It: Make a Product

It wasn’t that difficult, after all.

Facing a four and a half hour drive during the day annoys me.

Not the driving itself: the lack of productivity involved is what gets me. There’s not a lot you can do when your hands are glued to the steering wheel and you need to be alert and focused.

Or is there?

About an hour into the drive, when I’d exhausted the phone calls I needed to make (thank you Siri!), it struck me…

I’d seen a video by Peng Joon who was tied to his car for an hour or so driving to a conference. So he rigged up his equipment and punched out a one hour video during the drive.

Inspired by that, I plugged my iPhone into the phone holder on the windscreen, clicked on the video and switched the lens to record from the front.


I was now in production mode!

A couple of minutes to gather my read on ...

Free Video Creation Series

Free Video Creation Series

Excellent free series here from Mark Hess. Check it out and learn.

How To Get Started…

Generate Ideas for Videos…

Set up A YouTube Channel…

Upload to YouTube…

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