Basic Successful Online Business Model

Basic Successful Online Business Model

If you decided to start a business, you have lots of options and decisions to make.

Will you sell a product or a service?
Will you sell wholesale or retail?
Will you have a storefront or go door to door or telemarket?
Will you create your own product or sell someone else’s?
How many products will you have in your sales funnel?
How will you manage your product pipeline?

It’s no different when building an online business, either as a stand-alone or adjunct to an offline business.

Many people attempting to start a business online get caught up in a plethora of opportunities. Even worse, they get confused with well meaning advice about list building, video marketing, blogging and more, not realising these are methods rather than business models.

Because the cost of entry into online business is negligible, people tend to flit from one thing to another chasing fast success. A sustainable business is built over time and needs continual maintenance to produce consistently. Online or offline.

Here is a tried and tested-over-time method that never goes out of style. Perfect this and you will have a real business.

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