Access Denied in Windows 7

Access Denied in Windows 7

Like a lot of people, I have found the security setting in Windows 7 incredibly frustrating. For example, I copied a lot of my data across to an external HDD to free up disk space and was always being told I had no permission to do anything with the files after that move. Each time I wanted to do something I had to go through the change ownership tedium each time.

Tons of posts abound about how to fix it but nothing worked – and I got nervous about downloading fix files and changing host files.

Then I learned one little trick in this post that made life a lot easier – tick the box that starts “replace” in the bottom left corner of the final screen. By doing that. you have permission for the entire folder. I kept changing permission for the folder to delete an old hotfixinstaller folder but it would never let me delete the thing … until I changed ownership for all the contents in the folder. Yee-haahh!


Thank you Mark Kaelin and!

Now, if only I could find the way to stop this happening when I create files and folders in future….

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