7 Extra Tips to Get Ideas and Create Products: 3 of 5

7 Extra Tips to Get Ideas and Create Products: 3 of 5

7 tip series for creating products

7 Extra Ideas You Can Use

Creating information products are a great way to make money online. Being able to come up with ideas for a product is one thing. You also need to think about how to put it together.

Let’s focus on that this time. Notes below the video.

Maybe you don’t think your idea for a product is solid enough. How about consider combining two okay product ideas so that you create one great one?

A descriptive product might be useful but it’s way more meaningful and appealing for a potential buyer if each product idea on your list of possible identifies a specific problem.

Once you’ve clearly defined a specific problem, you’ll need to ensure each product idea on your potentials list solves a problem. If you’re not sure how to solve the problem, research best answers.

Any product you create needs you to stand behind it because it will have your name on it. So, check in with yourself if the problem and the solution are within your capability to handle in terms of credibility.

Still stuck? Get into action mode. Grab your notebook full of thoughts and ideas. Highlight five ideas that get you excited and appeal to you to develop.

Spend some more time really researching those five top ideas. Get clear on the target audience for a product, what’s in the market already and how saleable a product will be for that idea.

Next, work on answers to these questions…
• What exactly is the product all about?
• Who is most likely to buy it?
• Why would they buy this in preference to another product?
• When will the product be available?
• How can someone buy your product as easily as possible?

A Bonus Tip For You

Think about the format for your product. Is it best delivered as an eBook, a video, an audio, or some combination of these? Why not supply it in different formats?

Want to discover cool techniques to make sure your product idea has the most chance of success?

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  1. You’re amazing, offering all these product creation tips! With what you’ve shared here and in the other videos — you have a sweet little report if you combined them all! 🙂

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