2013 – a Whole New Year

2013 – a Whole New Year


Did 2012 blitz past or what?

This is now the time of year we’re supposed to sit back, take stock, revel in our accomplishments and reflect on what could be better.

But who has time for that?!?

It’s just rush, rush, rush … at least at my house it is.

Yet it is necessary to review and plan ahead so we don’t end up next year in much the same place.  

So, before the New Year hits, what one thing could you focus in this coming year to direct your efforts?

For me, it’s actually FOCUS.

If I look back over 2012 I can see I started lots of projects but few are completed and making money. I can be easily distracted – by anything really, but especially checking email, surfing the web for even more information, getting caught up on forums, and switching between activities and projects.

So this year my one question I’ll keep asking myself is, ” am I focussed on one thing right now?”. Then I can put in place strategies to minimize disruption and complete one task, one activity, one project.

What one thing will give you improved direction in 2013?


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