14 Ideas to Write About on Your Blog

14 Ideas to Write About on Your Blog


There are times when you just sit in front of your keyboard and wonder ‘What the heck am I going to write about today?!?!?!?”

Often we do that because we are looking for that one inspirational idea. Well, don’t wait for inspiration, that’s one of the causes of writer’s block (and empty blogs!)

If you have a product or business blog then you’ll have lots of ideas on what to write about …

  • product reviews,
  • new products or services,
  • case studies,
  • how to use your product or services
  • and so on.

If you write a personal blog then you sometimes get stuck for ideas. WordPress run challenges from time to time to encourage people to post more often.  On their site they have some cool ideas and advice.

Topics used in one WordPress challenge:

  • List 3 countries you’d visit and why
  • Who deserves more credit
  • Best accomplishment of 2010
  • Share something that makes you smile
  • Do you prefer to talk or text
  • Are you stressed out?
  • How do you stay focused
  • Describe a recent aha moment
  • How do you stay entertained when snowed in
  • What do you want to be remembered for?
  • Write about a topic story you’ve never told
  • What would you do if you only had an hour to live
  • What are you looking forward to?
  • Why did you start your blog?

Here are some other ideas you can blog about…

Top 35 Blogging Ideas That Are Guaranteed to Be Popular


If you search through their blog posts, you’ll find a LOT more ideas to write about, like “describe what your laughter sounds like?

What I love about these ideas is that they require no preparation and some do test your thinking!

Ok, champ, so when iis your next blog post and how often will you post?

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