How To Swipe The Best Material

swipe files

When I started in Advertising as a Copywriter many moons ago I was advised by a very sage mentor in the game to swipe everything I saw that caught my eye. I was horrified. I mean, that’s stealing, right? Wrong. The idea is not to swipe and use as is – that IS stealing. What you do is swipe and learn.

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Generating Leads Online – 42 Ways

get more traffic and leads

If you have any kind of business online, you want traffic. The kind of traffic that passes, slows and steps right in. Once they’re in, it’s up to you to encourage them to buy. Getting that traffic is critical in the starting-out stage of running an online business. Keeping it also important. Kicking it up a notch when things start to slow is also key.

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How To Be More Successful – Finish

Success in the IM world is about getting your message out there and making money from it.

Sadly, too many shoot themselves in the foot and wonder why it’s not happening for them.

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What’s Your Excuse?

I meet lots of people in my development work. 99% of those people join my workshops because they are not making progress; they’re not where they want to be, doing what they want to be doing. 100% of them have a reason why. And they’re all excuses. You’re either getting results or you’re giving reasons. Which are you? Become someone who makes progress. Get into this June Challenge – have a look here – or go to Stretch Yourself Challenge Workshop. (aff link)

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Free Image Resources

I have a thing about using free images which aren’t really “free”.

When I’m in production-mode, it’s tempting to just do a quick web search for an image, snavel it and load it into the blog or eBook or brochure and make everything look whizz-bang. But unless you’ve bought or gained rights to use that image legitimately then, well, you’re stealing. And with the algorithms churning through online sites finding illegal use of images, you could be slapped on the wrists or worse, slapped with a writ. Ain’t nobody got the time or money for that!

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Pics, Images, Graphics for Free

“A picture tells a thousand words” which is why we writers in the digital realm love to add visuals to our work. 

The challenge is in not being tempted to simply grab any ole pic that takes our fancy from a random internet search engine. That path is trodden by many who play Russian roulette with abusing copyright laws. Much like driving without a license: you know you’re doing wrong but you might take the risk anyway if your need is great. 

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