Pics, Images, Graphics for Free

“A picture tells a thousand words” which is why we writers in the digital realm love to add visuals to our work. 

The challenge is in not being tempted to simply grab any ole pic that takes our fancy from a random internet search engine. That path is trodden by many who play Russian roulette with abusing copyright laws. Much like driving without a license: you know you’re doing wrong but you might take the risk anyway if your need is great. 

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Periscope – Social Informer

Periscope and video streaming

I’ve gotta say, Barb Ling confuses the pants off me. How in heavens does she keep so far ahead of the curve? Her jedi-like mind seems to see into the future before anyone else. Then, quicker than a cheetah can outrun a gazelle, she whips off a solidly useful and timely product line to meet the market.

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WordPress 4.3 Is Live: Billie Holliday

Named after the legendary jazz singer, Billie Holliday, WordPress 4.3 is now up and running.

There are a five improvements I really appreciate:

  • You can use a hashtag # to signify a headline when typing into the editor
  • You can use an asterix as a shortcut for a bullet point.
  • It’s much easier to keep a consistent brand – by placing your logo or icon in the Customizer it will populate browser tabs, bookmarks and more no matter what theme you switch to
  • Beefing up the Customizer a tad more, you can now set up menus in it
  • What I really love is that when you create a Page, comments are automatically turned OFF – yayy! No more forgetting to manually turn them off

Definitely update asap. It’s a better WordPress with some very useful tools and we hope more secure with its improved password functionality too.

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Online Marketing BTB1


Traffic is critical to generating leads and making sales both in the real world and online.

After all, there is no point in having the flashest storefront if no one passes by to then be enticed to enter.

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